about me

rhyme-master jjj toasterface

(yes, it is really my name)

I've been a software developer for about two years now, but I'm still learning more every day. I have three kids, 80+ rubik's cubes, a MASSIVE sleep deficiency and a love of chicken nuggets (but, who doesn't???).

I blog (sometimes):

Once in a while, I blog on dev .to and these also appear on Medium, if that's more your bag.

I've spent 20 years doing jobs I don't like, so decided to retrain and do something I do enjoy - playing with computers!

Now, I'm a backend developer at Seccl, so I get to play with JavaScript and TypeScript all day!

I do make custom websites and apps, but not very often these days.

I'm a Zend Certified Engineer as well as a Certified Scrum Master.
You can find me on LinkedIn, or Twitter, if you're interested!